Fast consuming products are sold by internet+

“Internet +” next era, more and more traditional companies are thinking you want to use the Internet to realize the upgrading of traditional industries, restructuring. The aspects involved in traditional industries, but also allow companies to target new targets in various traditional industries to develop new markets, FMCG industry is no exception, trying to keep the “Internet +” pace of the times, to be innovative.

FMCG industry products involved are mostly people’s daily necessities and fast, timely anxious people of the necessary products, such as rice oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other tobacco products, usually in convenience stores, small supermarkets, etc. will be able to meet their need, but the demand of the consumer and on the basis of consumption habits, so FMCG is a big market. But the traditional FMCG reason for being impact of the Internet, is inseparable from its own shortcomings, then the FMCG industry shoulders burdened with the kind of burden, making it difficult to develop.

Traditional FMCG consumption, consumers generally need the product is urgently needed and daily needs, will not buy large amounts, when needed in convenience stores, supermarkets can buy. But in the fast-paced life, people’s habits is also undergoing change, the pursuit of a more time-saving and convenient, more stylish, more personalized FMCG. To save time, be more willing to eat, shopping at the same time you can buy FMCG in the next, rather than specifically went to convenience stores, supermarkets to consume.

But also with people’s consumption concept gradually spread Internet consumer platform, people are more willing to “stay at home, to make the world will be able to buy goods” online consumption, commodity prices e-commerce platform on the more favorable, category richer . Therefore, the traditional e-commerce business by the impact can be imagined. Traditional enterprises have shook his head now difficult to do business, but it does not reflect on their own problems, then it is only slowly emerging Internet companies “destroy.”

Knowledge Sharing Economy

Knowledge as a commodity for sale, is Google launched earlier in 2002 was not based on charges of video expert service functions – “Google Answers” about more than 800 expert users can answer a variety of issues submitted via the web and costs $ 2 to $ 800 each service, Google’s commission of 50 cents for each charge. In 2013, Google launched the experts charge Q on Hangouts video chat tools, training services Helpouts, the service covers a wide range of experts can provide a variety of courses, from make-up courses to personalized workout from ukulele training to treat programs and so on. Despite a large number of loyal team of experts, the growth of this product did not achieve the expected Google, and ultimately the project also failed.

April 2015, the domestic online Nutshell line exchange of experience O2O platform “line”, is considered to share the knowledge economy started the first gun. In May this year, “the line” a continuation of the product, “points A” come out, and in a short time become a “burst models.” As a paid speech Q & A platform, just a week time, points A celebrity platform rapidly increases, Li Yinhe, Liu Cixin, Chang Ling, Jiang Fangzhou, Mobley Yong six God Leilei, Lang, papi sauce, Zhang Ziyi, Tong Dawei, Haiqing, Zhang translation others full debut, stars answer simply put their slogan became “hundreds of thousands KM red waiting for you to ask.”

According to official statistics, know almost Live has held more than 70 games in childcare, finance, psychology, prepare pregnant, music and many other areas relating to share. Speakers average revenue per minute is 105 yuan, 25% repeat purchase rate of indirect proof for the user know almost like Live and recognition.

Paid Answers popular platform, we can not help but ponder knowledge, and once again the important role and value. Moment into the “knowledge economy era of sharing,” once again confirms the “key of knowledge is better than wealth” values. How to let more people know that knowledge is valuable, how to spread more knowledge and science and civilization through knowledge-sharing platform? Critically dependent upon the knowledge of others or the public valuable information, it also depends on whether a reasonable usage scenarios, the path through convenient product supply and demand sides are connected.

Enterprise Live is probably the most profitable

Enterprise A few days ago, a person in charge of network marketing executives revealed to me that they recently is vigorously try to get traffic from the broadcast platform. However, after entering it found, “live deep water”, mainly refers to the number of visitors filling too severe, very different before different platforms. The friend described the feedback information at least two things: live now really fire, but the foam is very serious. Of course, this is a problem every explosive growth of the industry will inevitably encounter, the foam product industry is affiliated outbreak.

Live just how prosperous? This year I have been the focus of attention in the broadcast industry, this has been more than a dozen articles the author, this point can also be seen live prosperous, the “live” media is probably the most photographed, with last year’s O2O, share compared to economy He had been no less. From the data, in 2015 the number of live online platform will be close to 200, formed the “Hundred broadcast war” situation. Mainstream broadcast platform, the peak hours of online users reached 4 million, while the number of rooms over 3000 live, how much water there is, nobody knows, in June, but there is a lot of media exposed live platform Scalping chaos, between the platform also playing a war of words, some say, it is to live a false prosperity.

Live is not new, on the PC side was born 9158 and YY two listed companies, as well as Netease BOBO, cool dog fan satellite network, Sina and other large companies Show Live platform, the core of these platforms are “show” that live entertainment direction. However, now we call the “live” entertainment property has been weakened, stressed at any time, the ambitious Comprehensive nothing is broadcast mobile TV platform, Weibo, beauty shot, unfamiliar street and other mobile broadcast platform than show field bigger.

Home decoration throughout the internet

The first half of 2016, the Internet home improvement circle slightly quiet, we are focusing instead on the Director-General, I did not like the sound. But the end of June, and the air outlet business people and all of a sudden all jumped out, their words once again set off the entire home improvement industry.

We believe products, I believe that system, I believe severe vertical, Chen Wei, through the “love space three believe that” Understanding Internet home improvement again; Deng Hua King said the next three years to hit 20 million let Qijia internet home improvement services advance 1000 cities; Decoration e station Mendelssohn high-profile announcement to get 150 million a round of financing; Tuba rabbit in Beijing heavy Releases internet Home Improvement 3.0 cum cloud platform foreman, Mr Christopher Wong comprehensive exposition of his new business logic.

In addition to these “hot” industry “big brother” has not been idle! Few in the micro-channel circle of friends made things Chen Hui Dong Yi is pleased to announce “speed US super home” in cities across the country gratifying expansion momentum, Zhang Jun to lead the industry in using the Internet to plan the pattern of peaks into the complete home improvement, Sun Wei incarnation ” purchasing brother “to build a global material supply chain, Cai vowed to put” arms dealers decoration Internet “thing dry in the end!

It is noteworthy that, in addition to hard-mounted field, after the home improvement market colorful decorated home, 007 work of God, and the Internet should be soft-mounted to the United States, do hardcover bag check of House music and other enterprises are also very worthy of attention. From last year to this year, the development of the home improvement industry is not open around the “Internet” these three words, just like the home improvement industry has formed two modes: the traditional home improvement and home improvement Internet. Industry so busy, then who is to say what the nature of the Internet home improvement is not it clear? Well, take this paper to explore this issue.

Different habits on the train of the United States

Speaking of the United States of New York, the United States would have to mention the subway, underground public transportation as one of the oldest of the New York subway, every car has a story, and for such a country advocating freedom is concerned, artists have absolute freedom of cultural creation. For the art on the subway, the artists called “mobile art.”

Their underground performance art is a direct appeal to the public conduct of the way through the audience stunned, and thus to re-examine their existing contact and view on art and culture. They even portrayed by their behavior, every car is an age in planned subway is not uniform, it seems there will not cultivate the same feelings.

Subway reading, seems to have become the norm, especially for Europe and other countries, and especially on the British subway. It said that in order to maintain good reading habits, and get rid of the noise of the phone, the people voted against the opening of the London mobile phone signal in the subway. So on a subway, there is a garden scholarly atmosphere, staff basically a book, even if it is only a newspaper, which is rooted in the bone marrow inside the reading habits of the Britons had been able to quit, he said to be a hobby, but a habit.

As the first Asian cities have a subway, second only to Tokyo Station, New York, ranking second in the world, is also the largest annual traffic subway systems in the world. Metro has become the first choice of the way most people go out of Tokyo.

Government must stop food rumors

Food Network is different from the traditional rumors rumors, spread by means of a network of convenience and anonymity, the result is to bring a greater sphere of influence, damage more serious consequences, while the source of the spread of traceability more difficult. Although the current law on the network rumor has regulations in recent years, also issued a special judicial interpretation, the relevant departments have repeatedly carried out special operations, but the food is not only not disappeared rumor, but instead constantly “in spring.”

Food rumors, mainly due to: First, malicious fabricating facts slander goodwill; Second, there are problems with certain types of food; Third, some rumors concern the use of public defraud, forward, get “fans”, thereby increasing the account from the media business value, so even the formation of a gray industrial chain.

Food Governance rumor must remedy. First, food security departments should strengthen supervision, strengthen accountability and punish unscrupulous vendors, manage food market, public confidence in food safety to build higher. At the same time to establish food safety supervision information platform, to narrow the distance between consumers and scientific truth, to avoid misunderstanding because of information asymmetry caused by misunderstanding.

To intensify efforts to crack down on rumor. Deliberately fabricate rumors can not be tolerated, no matter for what purpose, spreading rumors to confuse the public should be accountable. Responsibility here, not only for the manufacturer of the Responsibility rumor, rumor communicators must also be accountable. Only use the law to punish those who spread rumors pass rumors, in order to minimize rumors.

Questions people are most concerned about

This is a question many people are most concerned about, because the public after the revision QQ number, equivalent to the fans want to see their subscription account one more step – originally point into the “Subscribe number” you can see already subscribed content, now you need to enter the “QQ Aspect”, then click on the “Subscribe number” before we can see.

If you view the path from the point of view, is indeed a QQ number for subscription secondary folding, but according to the rules, the user subscriptions will give priority to show “Aspect”, and will the latest push into the content of the first article. Change here is in fact equivalent to the original account shows into show content that is displayed to the user originally one account now direct the content, but the content will be shuffling in the article stream.

So, now need to be considered is the high-level content itself – under certain circumstances show, shuffling in the article stream will need to compete with other articles (look at it from another angle, in fact, often are not user subscribes only a public number, what to see which itself or competition). As for the revamped “Subscribe number”, because you kept the previous mechanism, so that there is also a layer of exposure (before there will be reduction ratio).

In summary, the number of public secondary folded QQ, QQ for operators, it did not actually get from reducing the amount of exposure, and even more, just to split the next two tabs, and whether the user is reading, or the depending on the content itself – the premium content will Hengqiang, inferior is more miserable.

how could a taxer become a online pop star?

The author believes that her success can not be copied, she has very clear its advantages. papi sauce there is a language genius who, a parody of people, a standard of performing arts talent. However, every video you see her very relaxed, very popular, probably can not imagine her in order to pay such performance is difficult creative process. Short video fifty-six minutes behind countless times writing, shooting, editing, numerous NG (again), Bupai, re-cut the time and effort to this end she takes hundreds of times longer than the broadcast time. She also benefited from the success of her personal image. So her success is not an ordinary person can be copied.

Can not be copied, but we can still learn from studying her use of “Internet +” thinking and principles from her body, as tax summary we want to become a “red network” of several elements: 1 + content for the first behind hard work, perseverance. 2. The use of the network. Currently, papi sauce personal microblogging fans 1370 people, public micro-channel number, Youku, B station (a video, movie app), and the fans love Fantastic Art, a conservative calculation exceeded 20 million. 3. serialization. Video content is very close to life, and the formation of the brand, such as video-per papi sauce finally have a “set of beauty and talent in a woman” label.

When it comes to brands, nutshell: First, have a “heart.” Get the user’s heart, user demand will think of your brand. Second is to have “signs.” Allowing users to recognize your sign, no matter what the product, as long as you sign produced are sold, there is a fan. The third is to have a “share” a rallying cry, Peoples response.

how to achieve the ultimate form of Internet

July 1 news, vr virtual reality, how to achieve the ultimate form of the Internet? This is the era of the Internet era, the era is vr. With the eyes of the popular vr, vr virtual reality has begun to enter people’s lives. I believe that with the development of vr technology, it must be more in-depth human life, just like the Internet. And vr is the ultimate form of the Internet to achieve security.

To know the answer to that question, we will know the role of the Internet. The Internet is simply a platform, is the media, he can serve humanity, to meet people’s needs. And it can become a trend of the times, the main reason, is convenient and efficient.

There is a saying that good, the world is so big, I want to see. And what you want to see the world’s fastest way is the best time? Very simple open Internet. But doing so there is a great disadvantage, that is their own personal experience of seeing how good?

The ultimate form of the Internet is able to solve this problem, because the Internet is the ultimate form of the virtual world, with social reality combines virtual worlds.

Make embroidery and play football

North latitude and 65 degrees away from the location of the continent of Europe to make sense of the Icelandic low almost transparent, before this year’s European Cup, I am afraid not many people concerned about the country’s performance in terms of sports competition, after all, “bankruptcy” and “Blue Lake “” Reykjavik “this island is more in the hearts of the three key words. In this area of ​​only 103,000 square kilometers, close to the Arctic islands, the distribution of “can set the team has been very good,” the most sparse population. But this year’s European Cup, Iceland has successfully qualifying as a dark horse, the “Three Lions” Kick back home. With high-latitude countries, and fight the battle racial trouble compared to North Overton Viking descendants attitudes obviously too low-key.

Though so terrified of England Viking long been the crown on the “brutal Cumang” in the name of three centuries, but these pirates but obsession color and fashion. And all peoples and nations, makes no difference that the wealthy Vikings also like to expensive gold thread embroidery on their clothes. This means that even the arctic Iceland, also developed a embroidery. More traditional Icelandic embroidery inherited from medieval embroidery style, whether it is embroidery process, or geometry, flowers, animals, sewing and other details from the overall pattern to the structure, can be found traces of medieval embroidery work in books. Icelanders linen, silk and even wire twisted into threads, the pattern embroidered on linen and wool, arctic blast nor erase the heart of their beauty.

Embroidered on the jacket if exaggerated, too exaggerated a bit with it. Thorn in the pants is much more delicate patterns carefully. Washed jeans have unconventional sense of itself, as long as the two dark blue embroidery can perfectly correct this shortcoming. Perhaps you will find some long legs, but does not matter, carefully rolled up trousers can easily create neat casual style.